Who we are

Dynamic Desserts is a Chicago area dessert catering company that services a variety of events, both large and small. We are dedicated to making your celebration unique and unforgettable. Once we arrive at your event with our Lil Orbits machine, Dynamic Desserts creates warm, delectable mini-donuts right on the spot! Your guests will delight in watching the entire process, enjoying our freshly prepared, warm, fresh goodies as they roll out of the machine.

What we do

We specialize in preparing fun, hot and fresh mini-donuts on-site during your event, utilizing an interactive action station. Our unique process entices your guests with the unmistakable, luscious aroma of freshly prepared donuts and then dazzles them as they observe their donuts being freshly created right before their eyes. Our donut machine can produce up to 1200 donuts per hour! Its scrumptious output will keep your guests returning again and again for its delightfully sweet, yummy bites of donutty deliciousness!

Our passion

Our passion is in working to ensure that your guests experience a uniquely interactive activity during your celebration that produces a mouthwatering, tempting dessert for them to enjoy in the moment and remember for a lifetime! We are driven to provide a fun, delicious experience that will enhance the sweetness of your memories of your special event.

Proudly serving the Chicagoland area!